Joint Pain Relief with Stem Cell Treatment

Relieving Your Joint Pain with the Help of Stem Cells

Stem cells are basically the building blocks of human tissue, replacing old, brittle, and discolored cells with new, healthy ones. Stem cells are a unique part of the body, which can be found throughout the entire body, as well as in the organs, muscles, and brain. Stem cells can be found in the bone marrow, in the intestinal tract, in the spleen, in the colon, in umbilical cords and in ovarian cysts. The exact function of stem cells is not known, but stem cells have been used in some human diseases like arthritis and heart disease. Stem cell therapy is used for pain relief with stem cells, for example, and may be one of the few treatments available for people with advanced disease conditions.

Success with Stem Cells

Some research has shown promising results using adult stem cells to treat inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer. Some of the researchers are now trying to use adult stem cells to treat Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. Other researchers are concentrating on treating other spinal cord injuries. We have seen amazing results at knee injury treatment Charlotte in helping those who are suffering from daily pain.

Researching Stem Cells

One group of researchers is trying to make new heart muscle cells, from stem cells taken from a man’s own heart. This would be a great advance for heart muscle repair, as research has shown that tissue grown from stem cells has the potential to replace injured muscle, and it can be grown very quickly. Scientists and doctors around the world are now looking at new ways to use adult stem cells, including to treat diseases, treat bodily injuries, and maybe even help people to feel better. If these scientists can figure out how to successfully grow new heart muscle, it could help thousands of Americans suffering with heart disease.


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